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    Rain of Seattle  ( to continue )  It\s a sin around here to not thoroughly enjoy every moment of every golden day. It\s embarrassing to answer, "Did you get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend?" with "No, I stayed inside." Co-workers frown and exchange suspicious looks; apparently I\m one of those rain-loving slugs. I tried lying, but my pale complexion gave me away.  Another mark in rain\s favor is that my body doesn\t betray me when it\s cold and damp outside. Throughout the winter, people wear several layers, with perhaps several extra pounds here and there. In June I dig out my shorts to discover my thighs resemble cottage cheese. I dread buying a swimsuit, as consecutive horror and humiliation make me cringe in the dressing room.  Even my tastebuds prefer the rain. When it storms outside, it\s time for steamy hot chocolate or even a soothing toddy. People devour hot, hearty meals, with lots of potatoes and savory sauces. This type of eating evaporates when the sun comes out; suddenly everyone offers salads and ice water and expects it to be satisfying.  It\s time to publicly acknowledge that I love the rain, how it transforms my house into a cozy caves where I can spend the afternoon cooking and dreaming. It seems nobody else will admit to a love affair with the rain, nobody else will groan when it\s hot outside and join me in a rain dance.  When the sun comes out I do greet it with a smile, slipping sunglasses to my purse and pulling a tank top out of my closet. Yet my comfortable sweaters and warm slippers beckon, making me wish for another wet, chilly afternoon. When the rain returns, I will grin even more. Am I the only one? ( finished )  中文:  (续)在这样绚丽多彩的日子不出去尽情享受这美妙的时刻好像不合情理。 当别人问你周末出去享受阳光了吗?”,你如果回答没有,我呆在家里了。 ”是很令人尴尬的。 同事们皱起眉头并相互交换猜疑的表情,很明显我就是那种喜欢下雨天的懒蛋儿。 我试图撒谎,但我苍白的脸色总会出卖我。   我喜欢雨的另一个原因是,当室外天气较冷且潮湿时,我的身体不会跟我作对。 整个冬天,人们都穿着好几层衣服,可能这儿那儿的多重了几磅。 在六月份我就翻出了短裤,结果却发现我的大腿就像白软干酪似的。 我害怕买游泳衣,由于接二连三令人恐怖和丢面子的情形发生,使得我总是躲在更衣室里。   甚至我的味蕾也喜欢雨天,外面狂风暴雨时,正是吃热巧克力或者喝轻柔的棕榈汁的好时机。 人们吞吃着丰盛的热肉、许多土豆以及风味极佳的调味品。 等太阳出来了就不使用这种吃法了,猛然间每个人都吃沙拉以及冰水范文,认为这就能使人满意了。   现在我该公开宣布了:我喜欢雨,是它把我的家变成了一个温暖而舒适的小窝。 我可以花整个下午的时间边做饭边胡思乱想。 似乎没有其他人愿意承认喜欢雨林语堂散文,但在外面很热时林语堂散文,也没有人为加入我的祈雨舞会而感到犹豫。   太阳出来时我一样会笑脸相迎林语堂散文,把太阳镜塞进包里,从壁橱中取出紧身背心。 然而我舒适的羊毛衫和温暖的拖鞋又在召唤我了,让我期待有雨而寒冷的下午再次到来。 雨又回来时我甚至更为高兴。 我是惟一一个这样的人吗?(完)
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